Is Golden State ready for fire season?

As we wait for Golden State’s appeal, Ojai FLOW asked the City of Ojai to verify Golden State’s readiness for this fire season. Our County Supervisor Steve Bennett has also asked for the service area outside of the City. From what we have seen on May 14 along Grand near Gridley, it looks like Golden State has a lot of work ahead of them.


It seems Golden State will not be ready to protect us so each of us needs to do what we can. Fire sprinkles won’t help in a major fire but removing dead brush will. Let’s all be responsible and keep our fingers crossed Golden State will start negotiations immediately and stop exploiting the legal system to prevent what 87% of the voting rate payers voted YES for.

Golden State to Appeal Judges March 13, 2014 ruling.

According to documents submitted by Golden State on April 9, 2014, the Golden State Water Company plans to appeal the March 13, 2014 ruling by Judge Ken Kellegrew which completely denied Golden State’s petition. This is another delay that will results in even more losses to the Golden State rate payers. So far, we rate payers have lost over $2.2 million because of Golden State’s challenges about the election, and it continues to grow at the rate of $9,315 per day (see counter below).

On August 27, 2013, nearly 90% voted YES

It has been:

419 days 23 hours 21 minutes 31 seconds

Golden State’s lawsuit is costing us


  • $9,315 – per day
  • $388.12 – per hour
  • $6.46 – per minute
  • $0.11 – per second


Don’t fool around with Ojai,


We went over the top, with 87.4% voting Yes.

This is unheard of and we should all be proud to be part of such a united community. This election will go down in history and used to show that people
can control their destiny.


Total Registration = 4,796

Total Ballots Cast= 2,464 (51.3%)

Yes Votes = 2,154 (87.4%)

NO Votes= 310 (12.6%)

FLOW - Election Night

Overseeing the Vote count on election night.

Left, Pat McPherson (Ojai FLOW Chair) – Steve Wickstrum (Casitas Gen. Mgr.) –
Russ Baggerly (Casitas Board member for Ojai)