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Join your neighbors and these Ojai organizations

Vote YES on measure V
Tuesday, August 27

  • City of Ojai
  • Ojai Unified School District
  • Ojai Valley Democratic Club
  • Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Ojai Valley Green Coalition
  • Ojai Valley Defense Fund
  • Ventura County Star
  • Ojai Valley News
  • The Ojai Ventura View
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Mail-in ballots go out on 7/29. Return your ballot back right away so we won’t need to call and remind you!

Others – Your polling place may have changed, you can check your sample ballot, call the county elections Div. at 805-654-2664, or visit http://recorder.countyofventura.org/elections/

This election has only three polling locations:

  • Ojai United Methodist Church, 120 Church Road
  • The Gables Of Ojai , 701 N Montgomery St
  • First Baptist Church, 930 Grand Ave.

Have Questions?
E-mail info@OjaiFlow.com or Phone (805) 798-3442

The Vote is August 27th

How the Casitas plan works for you.

Do the following for a more detail analysis:

  1. Your annual bond allocation is based on your property size or number of condo/apartment units.
  2. You will receive Casitas rates when the purchase is complete. This will generally pay for the annual bond the first year.Enter your six bi-monthly Golden State Bills on the Casitas rate calculator (select bi-monthly, pumped and the meter size shown on your Golden State bill) to see how much you will save for the year.
    Note: We are billed Bi-monthly and our water is pumped.
  3. The difference between what we are paying Golden State today and what we pay Casitas and the bond is our savings …. plus we are no longer subject to the 8% annual average Golden State rate increases.
    Note: Don’t forget to add the settlement amounts back into your Golden State bills.
  4. The vast majority will save money the first year. For others it may take a little longer. Why continue to pay Golden State when we can buy them for the same or less money and eventually own them. To see how your investment it will come out over time, just fill in the red numbers in the attached Excel sheet. It will also show you how much you will pay Golden State if we don’t pass the bond and buy Golden State.

The Casitas buyout plan can be found on the Casitas web site under Casitas Board Agendas 3/13/13 Agenda Package. Page 32 starts an excellent Staff Report.

Casitas also has a great list of Frequently asked questions.

Ojai FLOW has prepared a Cost-Benefit Analysis that explains the details of the Casitas purchase. We also have revealed many of the Golden State myths.

Learn the truth – Read Ojai FLOW’s rebuttals to mailers and claims made by Golden State and their associates under the tab GS Claims

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What you are about to learn has the largest financial impact of any single event in Ojai’s history!

Our schools will have $65,000 more to spend on education and the citizens & businesses in Ojai will have nearly $1 million more annually to spend locally to support our community simply by changing our water purveyor from Golden State Water Company to Casitas Municipal Water District.

Fact…Golden State rate payers’ water bills will double in about 9 years if Golden State rate payers don’t buy them out soon. Golden State rates have increased over 7.9% per year on average over the past 20 years. Casitas has only increased an average of 4.4%.

Fact… If Golden State rate payers don’t buy Golden State, the rate payers will pay for all capital improvements made by Golden State PLUS pay Golden State 8%-10% interest per year on the money used to fix the water system, but in the end the rate payers will not own the system. Golden State rate payers can save the 8% -10% per year, buy the system, pay for the improvements at less than 5% interest and let Casitas operate the system for them.

Fact…Golden State charges close to three times as much for water as Casitas or any other water purveyor in the area.

Fact…The difference between today’s cost of Golden State’s water and Casitas will provide millions of dollars to fund the takeover of the water system and make improvements that have been ignored for decades.

Fact…Golden State rate payers’ water bills will drop about 60% the day the rate payers buy Golden State because they will receive water at Casitas rates. The rate payers will no longer be at the mercy of Cal PUC, an unelected bureaucracy in San Francisco that sets rates with no representation from the local community.

Fact… A Water Rescue Bond (paid for only by the Golden State rate payers) will pay for the election, legal expenses, capital improvements to bring the Ojai Golden State system up to Casitas standards, and to buy the system from Golden State. There is no cost to Casitas or its present rate payers.

Fact… Interest on the Water Rescue Bond may qualify as a State & Federal tax deduction, but our Golden State water bill will not.

Fact… In 30 years the Water Rescue Bond will be paid off, and the rate payers we will own the system. We will then only pay the low Casitas water rates.

Ojai FLOW encourages rate payers to check out the savings themselves by going to the Casitas Web Site and entering their Golden State water usage:

The difference between what you pay Golden State today and what you will pay Casitas is what will be used to buy Golden State. It’s that simple!

Please help us take back our water and contribute to Ojai FLOW today.

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