Judge rules in favor of Casitas

Judge rules in favor of Casitas!

On March 13, 2014, judge Kent Kellegrew completely denied Golden State’s petition. See ruling. If Golden State does not appeal, Casitas can start the process of buying-out Golden State operations in Ojai. See “What’s Next” on the Casitas web site.

Many believe the Golden State suit has no merit and was used only as a delay tactic to prevent Casitas (the rate payers) from issuing bonds, which 87% of the voters approved in the last August measure V ballot measure. So far, the delay has cost the Ojai Golden State rate Payers over $1.9 million (see updated numbers below). On January 29, 2014 judge Borrell ruled that Ojai FLOW can represent all rate payers as a “Class” in a suite against Golden State for damages associated with the delay. That suit will begin after Casitas has purchased the Golden State operations in Ojai. Read what the Ventura Star and OVN have to say.