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Reference Info.


  • Cities in Orange County
    • Foothill FLOW (Cowan Heights, Lemon Heights, both Rocking Horse Ridges and much of North Tustin)
  • Claremont
    • See City of Claremont
  • Los Osos FLOW
    • See City of Los Osos
  • Ojai City
    • See City of Ojai



On May 25, 2011, Ojai FLOW delivered 1,900 petition signatures to Casitas Municipal Water District.

No additional signatures are needed at this time but if you would like to add your name just in case we send an update in the future, you can download a single petition, print it out, sign it, and then mail it in. (PDF File – Please see Adobe Reader remark below)

We are now waiting for Casitas to review the FLOW proposal, and come up with a plan. Casitas, Ojai City and Ojai FLOW are all working closely together.

You can stay informed and/or get a sign to show your support simply by going to “Sign Up“. We do not share your information with anyone and you can remove your name at any time.

Please remember this is a grass roots organization that is totally dependent on Ojai community support. Please Donate Today so we will all save money in the future.

Property Taxes Paid in the City of Ojai

Supplied by the County of Ventura County 9-11-2011. This report shows how much Casitas Municipal Water District received in a year from taxes on property in the City of Ojai.

Golden State Application No. A11-07-017 for Rate Increases: Application of Golden State Water Company for and order authorizing an increase in Raters in its region 1, 2, and 3 customer service areas.

Golden State Application No. A11-07-017 – Ojai Pages: The applicable Ojai pages have been extracted from the full Application that makes for easier reading.

“Revolt of the Rate payers” Ojai Magazine Fall 2011: An in depth review by Daryl Kelley why Ojai FLOW was formed and the challenges they have taking over Golden State Water Company.

Food & Water Watch Survey June 2011: Water prices after 10 of the Largest Water System Sales. In depth comparison of household Water Bills before and after privatization.

The “New Oil” Newsweek Oct 8, 2010: Should private companies control our most precious natural resource?

Golden State Hand Out’s at Sept 13, 2011 City Council meeting: Ken Peterson from Golden State gave a short unscheduled presentation before the city council and passed these out in an attempt to discredit Ojai FLOW and its plan.

Golden State’s Ojai Valley News Sept 26, 2011 guest editorial

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